Some stains are near impossible to get out, especially the infamous red wine stain that everyone dreads so much. Despite your best intentions, it’s unfortunately common to experience a spill that you;ve tried so hard to avoid. 

While it is possible to remove red wine stains, it isn’t an easy process. There’s a lot involved in stain removal, especially a stain as deep and as hard to remove as red wine, which is why it’s best to call a professional like us. 

How Exactly Do We Remove Stains Like the Infamous Red Wine?

Our professional carpet cleaners are skilled at what they do and have been thoroughly trained. With the use of professional and commercial grade equipment, removing red wine stains is much more effective.

Using a tried and true approach, we take care to ensure that the stain removal process will not damage your carpet. After a thorough assessment of your carpet or rug, we’ll begin strategizing how to remove the stain.

First, we’ll make sure to look for a dye-run situation. As red wine is a dye that may spread or run through the carpet, it’s important that we first analyze the depth of the stain before attempting to treat it. 

With our professional grade equipment, we’ll deep clean your carpet with high-quality cleaners in a safe manner. We’ll take great care not to damage your carpet, while our equipment is working hard to remove the red wine stain.

After we’ve removed the stain using our cleaners and equipment, we’ll make sure to remove the water from the area so that your carpet can dry quickly. While it will still be a little moist afterwards, there won’t be water soaking through the fibers.

The final step in a red wine stain removal job is to apply a stain protection agent to your carpet so that future stains are easier to remove. The stain protector will make it so that you can clean up stains in the future by preventing the liquid from soaking into the carpet fibers and attaching to them.

Why Red Wine Stains So Badly

Some stains are more difficult to remove than others, but nothing stains as badly as red wine. This is due to the fact that the color of red wine is entirely natural. Grapes, a primary ingredient of red wine, contain chromogens that are used to create strong fabric dyes. While this makes tie dye fun, it can be a problem if your favorite red wine spills.

Red wine is essentially a bottle or glass full of dye molecules. In addition to chromogens, red wine also has tannins which are used to make ink. All together, red wine is just one expensive way to tie dye your favorite carpet, shirt, or dress.

As soon as a spill occurs, red wine quickly works itself into the fibers of your carpet, making it impossible to remove without professional equipment. While acting quickly will improve your odds, there is never a guarantee when you attempt to remove the stain on your own.


There’s a reason why red wine spills are so notorious and dreaded. They truly are one of the hardest stains to remove. When red wine spills, you may not be able to remove the stain effectively on your own, but our professional carpet cleaners can. 

With the use of professional equipment and cleaners, we can tackle that red wine stain and restore your carpet again. Just remember that when it comes to spills, time is of the essence, so be sure to give us a call as quickly as you can!