We know that life can get dirty, and the carpets in our houses seem to constantly hold on to all that grim and dirt that gets tracked inside. With that understanding, our company offers three different levels of carpet cleaning. We are also really proud of the well-trained experts that will come out to do the carpet cleaning as they know exactly what to do when it comes to different types of carpets, the treatments needed for it to be clean, and how to give customers a quality service in a professional manner. Our three different levels (Good Samaritan, Hero, and Super Hero) provide specific services and can fit nearly any budget.

The Good Samaritan

Our Good Samaritan cleaning will have the crew out there with heavy duty equipment that can handle the toughest of carpets. This particular cleaning will include a total of five steps. We will start off by inspecting the carpet that is going to be cleaned, and then we will go ahead and spray our first pre-cleaner. Once we are done letting that sit the team will continue on by applying the environment and pet friendly carpet cleaning solution. We will do another inspection after everything is finished drying to ensure that the job was done correctly.

The Hero

Our Hero service really digs deep down into those dirty places in the carpet to get it looking like new again. This service also includes light furniture moving to help get to those hard to reach areas. Plus it adds a few more steps to the previously mentioned Good Samaritan carpet cleaning process. Here we will focus on adding spot treatments both before and after the carpet cleaning solution is put down, and we will use special equipment to get to the dirt buried deep in the carpet.

The Super Hero

Now, our most intensive cleaning is this Super Hero selection. It includes everything mentioned in the previous choices, but it adds even more. This is a 15-step cleaning that will consist of deep cleaning, spot treatments, furniture moving, fast drying, and even carpet grooming. All of that topped off with a final inspection of the carpet to really make sure that the job was done satisfactorily. The Super Hero service level of carpet cleaning will also have the team placing special sprays that will protect the carpet from general dirt from everyday use and accidental staining.

We have really tried to give our community the best choices that can fit any household and budget. We even offer discounts based on how often the carpets will be cleaned, what service level is selected, and so on. We are extremely proud to be able to service this area and provide quality carpet cleaning services with our professional team. Our different levels of carpet cleaning are only the beginning of the services that we provide, and we are excited to hear from people that are interested in our Good Samaritan, the Hero, or the Super Hero carpet cleaning options!