When something spills on your carpet, it can lead to a sense of panic as you rush to take care of it before it stains. Unfortunately, some substances like wine and juice seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, our professional Tampa Bay carpet cleaning company can come to the rescue to help you get wine stains and the like out of your carpets. 

Does Carpet Cleaning Actually Remove Wine Stains?

Any stain can be disheartening, but wine stains are somehow worse. As you stare down at your ruined carpet, you wonder how you’ll ever get it out and return your carpet to its original, pristine look. That’s where professional carpet cleaning services come in.

While at-home shampooing may help, it has nothing on professional cleaning services. With commercial-grade cleaners and high-tech equipment, our professional services can get any stain out of your carpet if you act quickly enough.

Regular carpet cleaning hacks will help lessen the damage that wine does to your carpet, but it won’t eliminate the problem entirely. Calling a professional team, however, can. To increase the chances of the stain being removed thoroughly and your carpets returning to their original beauty, you need to call immediately.

Even light stains can become hard to remove if they’re left alone for long enough, and, unfortunately, wine stains are even worse. While carpet cleaning can reduce their appearance, your carpets are less likely to recover entirely if you wait too long. There may be a slight color difference or a dull mark where the stain was.

Can Carpet Cleaning Remove Every Type of Stain?

We’d like to say yes, but in all honesty, it depends on a lot of factors: what made the stain, how old it is, how quickly you call a professional, and what you did to help remove it on your own. Some at-home cleaning techniques may actually make it harder to remove a stain even though they seem to help at the time.

While there is no 100% guarantee that carpet cleaning will remove that pesky stain from your carpet, the chances of it working are much higher if you call a professional quickly. Getting a professional to examine the stain will help determine the odds and give us a better idea of what will need to be done to remove it.

Different stains will react to different cleaners, so it’s important that you’re able to tell your carpet cleaner what substance made the stain. 

Does the Type of Carpet Matter When Removing a Stain?

Yes! Depending on the material that the carpet is made from, we’ll have to use different methods. Wool and polyester can’t be cleaned the same way as the materials will react differently. However, professional cleaners can account for this and will keep it at the forefront of their mind when they take on your carpet stain.

While the type of carpet you have is important, experienced cleaners will be able to handle just about anything. Since the wrong methods could damage your carpet, though, you should always make sure that you hire someone with enough experience to care for and clean your carpeting properly.


Although it may seem impossible, even wine stains are removable when you act quickly and call a professional carpet cleaning service. Instead of reaching for a shelf-brand product to take care of the problem at home, reach for your phone and contact our The Villages carpet cleaning company so that your carpets can return to being stain free as soon as possible.