It’s impossible to clean your air ducts effectively without the right tools. You might be wondering about all the equipment your professional Orlando duct cleaning technicians bring into your home. Before they arrive, read up here on what you can expect.

Equipment Used During Air Duct Cleaning

The exact equipment used by a professional cleaning team will vary by company. Some companies choose to use truck-mounted vacuums while others prefer portable vacuums. Some companies may even use both types of vacuums. Vacuums are really just the beginning, though, and aren’t the only tool used to clean your air ducts.

Access Tools

Before we can begin cleaning your air ducts, we need an access point. When professionals start a job, we’ll take access tools with us to get into your air ducts. Our technicians may make small holes in order to see inside your air ducts or use entire access panels so they can fit their equipment inside.

After your air ducts are cleaned, it’s important to remember to secure close up your access point.

Inspection Tools

It’s important to be able to see what we’re doing and what your air ducts look like. Inspection equipment can be as complex as a snake camera system or as simple as a handheld mirror. Periscope tools may also be used as well as CCTV camera systems. Inspecting your air ducts lets us know where and how much cleaning they need. 

Hand Cleaning Tools

To clean your air ducts effectively, we use a combination of vacuums and hand cleaning tools. We’ll talk more about vacuums below, but for now, we’ll look at what hand cleaning tools that are used.

Both hand brushes and pneumatic cleaning devices are used in this step. Manually brushing debris loose can make the cleaning process go quicker, so it’s worth the effort of finding a brush and brushing your air ducts.

Commonly used pneumatic devices include blowguns, air whips, and air skippers. These tools make hard to clean debris easily accessible. Without them, the vacuum may not clean up everything which is why it’s important to dislodge particularly stuck debris before reaching for the vacuum.


Professionals typically use either a truck-mounted vacuum or a portable vacuum to suck up the debris and clean out your air ducts. 

We use commercial-grade truck-mounted vacuums for their sheer power. They can clean out pretty much any type of debris. Portable vacuums have the advantage of going wherever you need them to and being easy to maneuver. However, we don’t recommend using them as they’re simply less effective. 

Compressed Air Source

Compressed air powers a lot of the cleaning equipment used for your air ducts. Making sure to have a compressed air source nearby to power the tools is important as without it, we won’t have a way to power your equipment. 

As compressed air can damage some air duct systems, it’s vital to hire a company that knows what they’re doing. Metal ductwork that is lined with fiberglass, flex duct, and duct board can all be damaged by aggressive removal methods.


Air duct cleaning professionals use a range of equipment to get your air ducts cleaned effectively. Our well trained, professional team takes pride in our work while adhering to strict guidelines and standards. We use the best air duct equipment to get the job done right. If you have any further questions about the equipment we might use, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.