Whether it’s your own home or a rented accommodation, your health is a priority. However, one of the areas that can get overlooked is air ventilation. Fresh, clean air is always essential, and if you find yourself indoors for most of the day, it is crucial that you pay attention to the airflow within the house. 

Air circulates within the air duct system, which is likely to be the dirtiest part of a home. With more of us staying indoors, indoor air quality has become more of an issue everyone needs to look at. Should you clean the air ducts if you’re just renting? The simple answer is yes.

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What Does Air Duct Cleaning Involve?

There are several points for tenants to consider when it comes to air duct cleaning. The size of the system will affect how much it will cost, so does the general accessibility of the system. The climate you find yourself in is also a factor, and perhaps more importantly, the degree to which the ducts are contaminated. 

A good cleaning will see the various heating and cooling system components such as the grilles and diffusers, heating and cooling coils and more be thoroughly cleaned. This will help maintain the entire system in good working order and prevent the potential growth of dangerous contaminants like mold. If you’re suffering from allergies, it’s a good idea to clean the air ducts.

Why Should I Have The Air Ducts Cleaned?

Allergic reactions aside, dust will always build up in the air ducts. The sooner you can get fresh air inside the home, the better it will be for the general health of everyone living in the unit. There are some clear benefits of having the air ducts cleaned, and they include:

Better Indoor Air Quality

The one area that will benefit the most is definitely the indoor air quality. Everyday living generates plenty of contaminants, such as dust or chemicals, and they get circulated about five to seven times a day in the air duct system. This constant recirculation will cause an unwanted build-up that will affect the air quality. 

Health issues may occur, and the sooner you get the system cleaned, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy cleaner indoor air.

Energy Savings

The contaminants mentioned don’t just harm your health. They can cause you a pretty penny as well. A buildup will force the heating and cooling system to work harder to compensate for the decreased efficiency, which increases your energy costs. When an air duct system is properly cleaned and maintained, it can work at its optimal efficiency without incurring further costs. 

Temperature Consistency

At certain times of the year, or even from month to month, you might find that certain rooms are colder or hotter compared to others in the house. This can result from a dirty air duct system that is being hampered by external particles. 

Getting a good clean will ensure that all rooms are getting good air circulation and experiencing the same temperature consistency.

Odors Be Gone

You might sense a musty odor permeating the home every time you operate the furnace or air conditioner. That is not a pleasant experience, and the cause could be an air duct system that has not been maintained properly. By getting the air ducts cleaned, you can be sure that no musty odor will be allowed to linger in your home, and you can breathe easy again.


Ultimately, the benefits of cleaning the air ducts are clear. Even if you’re just renting, you’ll be able to enjoy better health and cleaner air with lesser allergies when you get the experts in to give your air duct system a good cleaning.